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Electric Actuator EA25-250

• Nominal Torque: 10-100 Nm
• Peak Torque: 25-250 Nm
• Actuator Housing: Glass-filled PP
• DIN Plug Connection: Cable gland
• Manual Override: Integrated
• End Stops: Open, close, programmable middle position
• Position Indicator: LED, optical, integrated
• Position Feedback: Open, close, middle
• Heater: 10 position adjustable
• Protection Class: IP67

Optional Features
• Positioner: Current, voltage
• Network: Profibus DP
• Fail Safe Return: Battery back up, externally powered
• Smart Module: Cycle monitoring, cycle counter, cycle time
extension, motor current monitoring
• Manual Loading Station: Local control box



Sample Specification
The EA25-250 shall be partial a turn electric actuator utilized
in either open/close or modulating applications. Position
detection components shall be of solid state design with three
programmable end stops available and each end stop shall
utilize a monostable relay for position feedback. End stops
shall be adjustable via a series of push buttons. An internal
adjustable heater shall be integrated and utilize a temperature
sensor within the actuator housing. A 7 segment display shall
communicate fault status. Optical position indication shall be
integrated and reinforced with a color specific LED. All actuators shall be manufactured under ISO9001 for Quality and
ISO14001 for Environmental Management.