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Chain Operator Type C101

• Size: 2”–24”
• Material: Painted ductile iron
• Hardware: Zinc-plated steel
• Valve: All GF Gear Operated Butterfly Valves
• Safety: Cable linkage to valve inclusive
• Chain: 1/0
• Hand Wheel: 7.75”-9”
• Weight: 9 lb
• Chain Wight: 0.17 lb/ft

Optional Features
• Material: Galvanized, 316 Stainless Steel, Aluminum
• Hardware: Alternative materials available
• Chain: Stainless steel, master link


Sample Specification

The Type C101 Chain Operator shall be compatible with all GF
Gear Operated Butterfly Valves and shall be directly mounted
to the gear operator hand wheel with U-straps. A safety cable
shall be secured to the gear operator and all required mounting hardware shall be provided by GF. The chain guide shall be
free spinning and the sprocket shall rotate with the gear operator hand wheel.


The Type C101 Chain Operator allows an operator to open or
close a valve that is installed in a location of a piping system
that is not readily accessible. The rugged design and the
variety of material selection make the C101 suitable for most
applications and environments.