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Spirax Sarco Steam Traps

spirax sarco

We are a reputable Spirax Sarco Steam Traps supplier, distributor and stockiest in Chennai, India. Its excellent mechanical qualities and long lifespan are ensured by its construction with a CS body. The replaceable steam trap screen, which is located in the built-in strainer, guards against contamination. The requirements for a steam trap vary depending on the specific application. Your process may be significantly improved, your energy expenses may be decreased, and your workplace may become safer if you choose the best steam trap for your application.

What are Steam Traps?

Steam traps are equipment that are employed to remove condensate, air, and other undesirable materials from the steam lines without letting the steam evacuate. By doing this, they safeguard end processes and maintain system effectiveness. However, steam is not trapped by steam traps. Instead, they preserve steam pressure by trapping everything that isn’t steam and removing it from the system. They permit unwanted gases, condensate, and other contaminants to gather in a reservoir, which is periodically purged to maintain the purity of the steam.

There are several distinct types of steam traps, including float and thermodynamic, inverted bucket, and thermodynamic, among others. Each steam traps operates differently so selecting the right one will depend on the required application.

Spirax Sarco Steam Traps

Spirax Traps are the ideal option for your operations with automated temperature control since they are specifically made for the continuous discharge of large volume condensate. The provided traps are mechanical devices that typically exclusively let one direction of fluid flow through them. There are 2 port steel check traps with one opening for fluid entry and the other for fluid exit.

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Known as the leading Spirax Sarco Steam Traps supplier in Chennai, India, our offered steam traps are highly preferred because of their excellent quality, flawless finish, assortment of patterns, and reasonable costs. Also, we make sure that these products reach our customers on time, and as a result, we have built up a sizable clientele in the industry.