Saunders diaphragm valves

Abteks is a well-known name among all saunders diaphragm valve suppliers, manufacturers, and exporters. Saunders is the inventor of diaphragm valves with the headquarters in Cwmbran, UK. They are also having a state of the art manufacturing facility in India. Saunders diaphragm valves are very versatile products that are used in a very wide range of applications such as Brine, chemicals, slurries, acids, DM water, chlorine applications. Valves are available in plastic and rubber lining & diaphragms. The Saunders brand name is synonymous with diaphragm valve technology. The leading pharmaceutical, chemical, and food companies head our customer list globally.

Saunders Weir Type diaphragm valve (Type A) has been developed to handle a wider range of fluids and gases than any other valve type. Valves are available in a wide range of plastic, rubber, and glass linings with manual and actuated bonnet options, it provides prolonged life, reliability, enhanced performance, safety, and ease of use giving 100% leak-tight operation. Intrinsic to the design and ultimate performance of the valve is our range of diaphragms, which are developed and manufactured in-house.

Saunders continues to lead the diaphragm valve industry in the development and manufacture of elastomer components based on our in-house core competence in rubber and plastic technologies. The diaphragm is the key performance component within a diaphragm valve providing leak tight shutoff downstream and to atmosphere, and also isolating the topworks from the process media.

For our customers involved in chemicals processing, water treatment, chlor-alkali, minerals, we offer a wide range of diaphragms suitable for handling a wide variety of corrosive, abrasive and also combined corrosive/abrasive media.

Some of the Salient Features and Advantages of Saunders Diaphragm Valve are:

  • 100% Bubble Tight
  • Emission less
  • Wide range of Diaphragms and Linings
  • Can be used in any orientation/position
  • In line maintenance
  • Longer Diaphragm Life due to Nylon Reinforcement.
  • Moulded Open design of Diaphragm for Longer Life.
  • Visible On-off Indication on the valve.
  • Lubrication reservoir provided for smooth functioning of the valve.
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