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Local Control Box LCB 201, 202

• Size: 6” x 6”
• Material: Fiberglass reinforced polyester
• Hardware: Stainless steel
• Gasket: Polyurethane
• Voltage: 110VAC, 24VDC
• Position Indicator: Green lamp (open), red lamp (closed)
• Operator Selector: Three position switch (manual, off, auto)
• Position Selector: Three position switch (open, off, closed)
• Connection: Cable gland
• Mounting Tabs: Integrated
• Ground Connection: Integrated

Optional Features
• Connection: Conduit
• Material: Alternatives available upon request
• Protection Class: Alternatives available upon request
• Voltage: 220VAC
• Gasket: Alternatives available upon request
• Made-to-Order: Custom enclosures available upon request



Key Certifications
• NEMA 4
• UL

Sample Specification

The Local Control Box (LCB) shall allow for the local control of
an electrically actuated valve, including the local shut-off of
remote command, local operation of the actuator and complete
command stopping abilities. The control signalization shall be
of open/close style four wire logic. Dual panel mounted lamps
shall indicate either Open or Closed positioning during both
remote and local operation. The enclosure shall be of NEMA 4
protection class, sealed with a gasket barrier and be of a
mountable design. The lamps and three position switches
indications shall be clearly marked and laser engraved. The
standard assembly shall accommodate the control of a single