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Crane Butterfly Valve seat

Known as leading Crane butterfly valve seat supplier, manufacturer and exporter, our offered crane butterfly valves offers dynamic seat design with a combination advantage of permanent bonded and replaceable design which gives cost optimal solutions. This replaceable type cartridge seat in which the rubber liner is vulcanized over a reinforced solid backup ring. When mounting the valve between the pipes flanges this stable seat cannot be displaced or pushed out. When the valve closes the stretching and bulging of the elastomer in front of the closing disc is avoided. The fixed connection between elastomer and back-up ring enables the application of the valve even under vacuum or high flow velocities also. Over and above in future if by any circumstances the seat is damaged the full valve is not required to be replaced you can just order the seat as a spare which can save huge time & cost

Crane offers replaceable butterfly seats with Nitrile, EPDM, HNBR & Viton grades to outperform any application it is subjected to. Crane butterfly valve seat are used in automobile, water treatment, sugar & power plant applications. The unique replaceable cartridge type seat design is available in various materials which suits to various application in the industry, the seat material ranges from Nitrile, NBR, EPDM-H, HNBR, Viton, Food Grade EPDM.

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Usually nitrile is used for utility application but due to its nature it is also used in various hydrocarbon application such as Petroleum, grease, alcohol, glycol, propane, butane and diesel fuels with certain temperature limitation. For hydrocarbon with elevated temperature HNBR can be offered which is usually preferred the automobile industry application.

Viton is a superior grade elastomer also known as Fluorelastomer which is used for Strong and weak mineral acids, aliphatic hydrocarbons, aromatic phenolic and halogenated hydrocarbons, ester of aromatic acids, aliphatic acids, phosphoric acids, phosphoric ester, aromatic ethers, aliphatic ethers, ozone, chlorine and hypochlorite.

Chemical resistance of the seat can be affected by various factors such as fluid concentration, temperature, pressure, flow rate etc. Therefore, the suitability of any seat material/fluid combination cannot be guaranteed. If in doubt, the suitability should be checked by testing under the required operating conditions.