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Actuated Ball Valve Manual Override

• Size: ⅜”-2”
• Material: PVC
• Standard Accessory: Some Type 230-233 valves
• Actuation: Electric or pneumatic
• Mounting: GF valves and actuators only
• Standard Pack Quantity: 1 piece

Ball Valve Compatibility
The Type 230-233 Pneumatically Actuated Ball Valve and the Type 288 Pneumatically Actuated Vertical 3-way Ball Valve families offer
standard assemblies that include the declutchable manual override lever and one can be easily added to an existing assembly. Type
104 and actuated Type 523 Ball Valve assemblies are not compatible with the declutchable manual override lever. Type 127 and Type
179-184 Electrically Actuated Ball Valves sizes 1¼”-2” are compatible with a standard manual override lever of equal size but valves
sizes ⅜”-1” require the manipulation of the manual override components by GF in order to make them compatible with the valve
assembly. The porting configuration of any actuated horizontal 3-way ball valve needs to checked against the physical limitations of
the manual override lever before assembly. The manual override lever is restricted to use in one specific 90° quadrant of a valve’s
full 360° potential stroke because of the connection design. All pneumatically actuated 3-way valves and electrically actuated 3-way
valves sizes 1¼”-2” assembled in the defined “standard” porting configuration are compatible with the standard manual override
lever. All other assemblies require the manipulation of the manual override components for compatibility; please check with GF for
assembly suggestions.