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Industrial Valves & Its Significance

From aerospace to automobiles and from industrial application to even the human body, valves have been an integral part of the human development. Derived from the latin word volvere which just meant to rotate it has come a long way, in the ancient days this simple component begin from obstructing the flow of fluid in simple applications such as stopping water flow in bamboo pipelines to storing and transporting essential beverages such as honey and oils.

Today the industrial valves has been developed to handle highle corrosive, abrasive fluids with breeze and handle the toughest of line mediums the indutry can throw at it. With the humble valve otherwise a just a pipe fitting the world would not had been the way we see it, from helping produce Oil & Gas for our daily transport, to treat water for our consumption to manufacture medicine, food & beverages it has become an integral part of world. 

From handling high pressures and temperature the sophistication has also increased and with the advent of the automation world the valve manufacturers have adapted to the modern requirements and designed the products to coincide with the other advance equipments such as control systems, actuation and even feedback systems.

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