Gujarat Otofilt PVT. LTD.

Operating for more than 35 years Gujarat Otofilt is now synonymous with strainers. With every major approval in their kitty, they are considered to be the topmost Strainer manufacturer in India. With a wide product range of strainers comprising of T Type, Y Type, Conical, Basket & Cartridge filters they also manufacture Sand Bed filters in their range. Gujrat Otofilt strainers are always a preferred brand in industries of Power, Mining, Chemical & Water Treatment Sector.

Y Strainers

This is the most popular among all types of Strainers due to its simplicity, lesser weight & low price. Its name is derived from its Y Shape body. They are commonly installed at suction to prevent debris from entering the process. The common Size range is from 15Nb to 400 Nb. The debris is collected at bottom of ‘Y’ Leg & it can be removed by flushing through drain hole or by opening Cover & removing Screen.

Simplex Basket Strainers

The second most popular Strainers is Basket or Bucket Strainers. Its name is derived from the type of Screen used in these Strainers. These Strainers are used in moderate to large flow area through the screen and provide fine filtration up to 50 Microns.

Duplex Basket Strainers

For uninterrupted flow, we offer duplex basket strainers. Duplex strainers have two housings. At a time one strainer is in operation while the second is kept isolated & kept ready for the next cleaning cycle. When the screen of one strainer is clogged, flow is diverted to the next housing through valves. Cover of the clogged housing will be opened for servicing, reinstalled & kept ready for the next cleaning cycle.

T Strainers

Tee Strainers are widely used for removing large size particles & lumps. Tee Strainers are widely used in refineries for Crude oil service. The element is designed to give maximum filtration area and can withstand high differential pressure.

Conical Strainers

Strainers are widely used for the flushing of pipelines during commissioning. It protects mechanical seals of expensive pumps, rotating equipment, Instruments, etc. They trap debris, left out welding butts, nuts & bolts, etc. It is generally installed between two pipeline Flanges.

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