Crane Butterfly Valve

We are leading Crane butterfly valves supplier, manufacturer and exporter. Crane resilient seated butterfly valves are known for their long-lasting features and they have been a preferred brand in the various industries. These butterfly valves can be used for quarter turn on/off applications or for modulating the flow.

The special seat design & minimal wetted parts give an edge to the customers by performing efficiently in the application. Crane offers a unique seat design where the rubber liner is vulcanized over a reinforced solid back up ring, which resembles a replaceable type cartridge. During maintenance, the entire valve is not required to be replaced. Just the replaceable seat could be replaced which reduces the operational costs and ensures minimal downtime and production losses.

Crane butterfly valve offers wide range of materials of constructions, and can be offered in variety of lining materials as applicable to the process media. These valves have square type shaft to disc connection. This means that there is no intermediate pin connection which reduces the number of acting components and thus avoiding vulnerable failure points. This also ensures torque transmission directly from the actuator which in turn increases the process efficiency.

The butterfly valves are available in wafer, Lugged and double flanged end connection and can be operated manually, pneumatically or with motorised actuators.

Some of the prominent features of Crane Butterfly valves are list below:

  • Shaft MOC of SS420 which offers highest torsional strength, is the highest grade offered in this valve category by default.
  • No gasket required: The seat slightly protrudes like a sealing lip on the lining that constitutes at the same time the flange seal.
  • The disc connection has flattened profile resulting in lesser operational torque.
  • Crane offers Long neck pattern by default.

In addition to the concentric butterfly valves, Crane offers high performance crane diaphragm valve, butterfly valves which are widely used in harsh conditions in the industries. These valves are available in size ranges up to 1200mm and rating of 150, 300 and 600.

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